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Moore gets it done for West Virginia. Join the fight to build a brighter future for our great state.

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Moore is a 6th generation West Virginian who was raised in Kanawha County, an all-state athlete and proud product of the public school system. He graduated from George Washington High School before going to Duke University and Washington & Lee University School of Law.

Moore is currently a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates where he serves as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. In 2020, as Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Legislative Committee, he was the architect of the first Republican supermajority in history of West Virginia.

After graduating college, Moore worked in Washington, D.C. to begin his career in public service. He worked for the Republican Majority in the United States Congress, traveled in support of the President as a member of The White House advance team, and served on the staff of the Secretary of Defense.

After law school, Moore moved back home to West Virginia, where he lives and raises his two young children.

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A Family-Focused Future

Moore Capito is a son, a brother, and a father. Nothing is more important to Moore than his family. Like you, he wants to do everything he can to build a future in West Virginia where his kids cannot only live, but thrive. A future where they can't wait to start their own life here at home. A future where our parents and children have an array of world-class educational options and teachers have the resources they need to eliminate any achievement gaps. A future where addiction and violence is suffocated by hope and opportunity. A future that is bright.

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With Moore, West Virginia Is Open For Business

Moore believes we should always be working to cut taxes so people can reinvest more in themselves and their businesses. He is pro-business and pro-entrepreneurship because we want jobs to come here but we also want to create them here. Moore is focused on identifying and eliminating barriers that stand in the way of job growth and job creation.

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Energy Independence Starts In West Virginia

West Virginia has always powered this great country by applying our innovative thinking to our vast natural resources. We are the energy experts and always have been. Our energy industry constantly adapts and re-invents to generate power that meets our needs - all while providing thousands of jobs to West Virginians. Our energy is not the problem, it's the solution to return our country to energy independence. Let's get out of the business of telling the experts how to do their job and start listening to their ideas on how to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Moore wants to hear from you, West Virginia! What issues do you care about? What keeps you up at night as a parent? What progress have you seen across our state that you want to see more of? Moore is available and ready to talk about it. 

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Moore is running for Governor not only to preserve our West Virginia Values, but expand them for future generations to come. Faith, family and freedom are the foundational values our nation is built on. West Virginia will always be a safe haven for them. Together, we can build a West Virginia that makes our young people proud to call home, that leads our country back to energy independence, and champions freedom to conduct business how you want.

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