Moore Capito


Citizen of West Virginia committed to you.



Moore Capito is a 6th generation West Virginian, product of our public schools, and former All-State athlete. As the father of two young kids, the future of our state is personal to Moore.

In 2020, Moore successfully captained the critical mission to elect a Republican supermajority in West Virginia’s House of Delegates.

That Republican Supermajority has gotten it done for the people by installing the most conservative agenda in the history of West Virginia! As House Judiciary Chairman, Moore was at the tip of the spear of these major conservative wins that have put The Mountain State on the right track.

Moore is widely recognized as the “Get-It-Done” conservative in West Virginia because he is the only one who has repeatedly turned good conservative ideas into effective public policy.

This starts with keeping our children and grandchildren here at home by generating more opportunities that allow them to employ their talents to earn a good living.

Moore knows what our potential is, and he’s looking forward to helping write West Virginia’s next vibrant chapter and sharing it with the world!

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